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Willy A. Bachofen - Suppliers of Equipment for Dry Mixing and Wet Milling

Willy A. Bachofen AG provides equipments for the dry mixing and wet milling.

DYNO®-MILL, TURBULA® or dyna-MIX® are all worldwide recognised brand names.

With R&D and a production facility under the same roof at its headquarters in Basel / Muttenz (Switzerland), WAB offers the pharmaceutical industry innovative concepts and advanced processes which constantly set new standards.

Fine dispersion and grinding technology

For decades, WAB has been the undisputed specialist in dispersion and wet milling technology with its renowned DYNO®-MILL. This agitator bead mill allows the particle size reduction (or comminution) through a mechanical breakdown of the solids. It is used to create particles of a determined distribution profile, and for instance, increase the solid content surface area. Dispersion and wet fine grinding of pumpable products (with low to high viscosity), with size ranges from 500um down to 50 nanometer can be achieved in a completely enclosed system.

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Three-dimensional mixing technology

The concept of the patented dyna-MIX shaker-mixer is based on its controlled three-dimensional movements. The cinematic principle ensure a gentle, constant and reproducible mixing process all along the process.

3d mixing technology

Solid Partnership

We work in co-operation with customers, over decades, who entrust to us new challenges and process investigations. Thus, running trials at WAB allows the adequate process parameter settings for existing products to achieve the maximum production efficiency.

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