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Check Screeners

By Russell Finex

This range of vibratory sieves enables high capacity safety/check-screening of powders and liquid slurries, whilst removing oversize contamination. With production downtime kept to a minimum, improvements in productivity are high.

The Russell Compact Sieve

This vibrating screen has a unique flow through design and fits neatly into production lines:

  • Improves product purity - eliminates any oversized contamination
  • Increases production capacity - much higher throughputs compared to conventional machines
  • Reduces downtime - easy to strip down and clean without tools

High containment check-screening

  • Compact Airlock Sieve - this pharmaceutical sieve has been developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, with its unique patented inflatable clamping system achieving high containment OEL level 5 performance of < 1µg/m³.
  • Clean in Place - An enclosed unit for both clean and steam in place, providing complete operator protection during the processing of toxic or potentially hazardous materials.

Dust-free pneumatic conveying & check-screening

  • Compact Airswept™ - a semi-automated sieve minimizing human contact and reducing the risk of error and contamination.
  • Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™ - specifically designed for safety screening products with low-level bag emptying, where operator protection is essential and product quality must be beyond criticism.