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Rotronic - Leading Manufacturer of High Precision Humidity & Temperature Instrumentation

Rotronic is a world leading manufacturer of high precision relative humidity and temperature measurement instruments including humidity data logger/ sensors supplementing their services They are a family owned group of companies with headquarters in Switzerland and more than 40 subsidiaries and distributors worldwide.

Measurement devices for relative humidity, temperature and CO2

Rotronic Instruments (UK) ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rotronic AG, with a team of sales, technical, calibration and support staff dedicated to humidity measurement products. Their offices and UKAS calibration laboratory are located conveniently close to Gatwick.

State-of-the-art temperature and humidity sensors

0The wide range of products available from Rotronic are specified by leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and many other manufacturing companies, R&D departments, universities, national meteorological organisations, museums & galleries and accredited test houses.

This is particularly due to the state-of-the art production techniques with sensors that still have the widest application range of -100...200 °C, 0...100% rh on the market with excellent long term stability. It withstands exposure to condensation without influencing its calibration. Many products manufactured 20 years' ago are still in daily use today!

Handheld devices

The product range includes handhelds for checking humidity, moisture and temperature in almost any environment, a specific model includes full data recording functions. The new wireless data logging systems with long battery life enable secure measurements to be obtained even in inaccessible areas, cabling costs are eliminated; stand-alone and networked loggers are also available.

Transmitters with interchangeable or fixed probes in wall and duct mount versions with analogue or digital outputs, and CO2 units provide accurate building management system (and EMS) control saving energy costs. Meteorological sensors are specified by the UK Met Office and similar organisations world wide.

Sword probes are hugely popular in the paper and textile industries to ensure product quality. Water activity analysers enable the free moisture within a product to be determined which is a good indicator of product quality. OEM Products from pcb's to probes with customer specified connectors and dedicated transmitters are manufactured.

Technical product support throughout the United Kingdom

Rotronic's experienced sales team can provide product and application advice, pricing and availability, whilst their field sales team offer on-site application consultancy and ongoing technical product support throughout the United Kingdom.

Rotronic's service to you:

  • High quality products with market leading accuracy
  • Competitive prices
  • ISO 9001 quality system with factory certificate for all instruments
  • Validated Windows software
  • Products comply with all current industrial standards
  • Comprehensive 24 month warranty
  • Dedicated team, specialising in humidity, temperature and CO2
  • 48 hour turnaround on calibration and repairs on request
  • UKAS calibration laboratory accredited for temperature, humidity and dew point


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