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Munters is the global leader in energy efficient climate control. Munters provide temperature and humidity climate solutions to assist manufacture and storage of products and create comfortable indoor environments. The company was established over 65 years ago and with over 3,000 employees in 30 offices worldwide.

Desiccant dehumidification for increased production efficiency

In all pharmaceutical manufacturing processes precise control of temperature and humidity is a must. Climate conditions vary over the year and in periods with high humidity and/or temperatures both product quality and production efficiency will be negatively affected.

Cleanroom Munters

Pharmaceutical products are sensitive proctucts: Powders, tablets, capsules and labsticks often lose quality and shelf life when being exposed to high humidity. They stick together, become mouldy or break apart. Pipes and machinery become clogged, impeding production, storage and transport.

Energy savings in product drying

Munters air treatment technology creates the best conditions for product drying, conveying, tabletting, milling, mixing, packing, freezing and storing raw materials and final products within the pharmaceutical industry. This guarantees consistent quality, significant energy cost savings and increased throughput.

Munters air treatment systems reduce:

  • drying times and unintentional moisture absorption,
  • condensation,
  • product sticking and caking,
  • mould,
  • frost build up and blocked machinery

Combined temperature and humidity control

Simply by mastering the temperature and humidity of the ambient air, it is possible to achieve significant cost savings, and quality improvements. The key is to control the air quality surrounding the production process with Munters air treatment systems that is designed around a desiccant dehumidifier.

Munters patented innovative air treatment systems give faster productivity, reduce the risk of accidents and waste in cold storage and with desiccant wheels (rotors) independently proven to be both bactericidal and fungicidal, a high level of hygiene will support compliance with HACCP regulations and GMP certification.


Climate control in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

Seeking winter production conditions all year round?
Outdoor winter conditions with a low absolute humidity provide an ideal production climate for most processes within the pharmaceutical industry. In summer conditions however, many processes are adversely affected by the increased humidity levels, creating multiple problems associated with condensation.

Leave it to Munters to create stable conditions all year round - your guarantee for reliable quality, less waste and longer shelf life.

Condensation prevention

Hygiene and predictability
By fully controlling the relative humidity, condensation can be prevented and the growth of mould and fungus is greatly reduced. As part of a coordinated programme, this can help to satisfy the requirements of today strict hygienic regulations. Furthermore the constant climate around the year makes production both more reliable and fully predictable.

Desiccant wheels (rotors), innovation and improved energy efficiency
The basic principle of desiccant dehumidification developed by Carl Munters more than 60 years back is still the most efficient drying technique known today.

Munters principle
Like most good ideas, Munters dehumidification principle is basically simple. As functioning without any cooling coils Munters desiccant dehumidifiers use no CFC's, HCFC's or gases linked with ozone depletion.

By optimising rotor material and the control of the desiccant rotor, Munters is able to improve dehumidification capacity and reduce energy consumption.

The Quantumâ„¢ rotor and internal rotor heat recovery systems are examples of Munters' environmentally friendly thinking, resulting in higher production capacity and lower energy bills.

We provide you with a greener alternative to other dehumidification techniques while protecting our fragile environment.

Certified for your safety
With a global network of production facilities certified to ISO9001 and ISO14001, Munters places the highest priority on environmental considerations, in a constant ongoing process, involving all employees.

All products leaving our premises are thoroughly tested to ensure smooth operation and minimum energy consumption. Furthermore some of our systems are available in special hygienic versions. With extra smooth surfaces, easy to clean - ask for HygeniusTM.

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