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GOEBEL Instrumentelle Analytik - Complete Solutions in HPLC and UV/VIS Spectrophotometry

GOEBEL Instrumentelle Analytik offers complete solutions in HPLC and UV/VIS Spectrophotometry.

We do not just supply single analysis modules or simply combine them together for a system – we offer complete solutions:

  • Competent advice from experts, who also understand your application
  • Optimum configuration
  • In-house developed software for control and processing giving the possibility for an individual adaptation to suit your special needs
  • Qualification of the system according to regulatory requirements
  • Trained local field service at fair prices
  • Preventive maintenance

Software for chromatography and spectrophotometers

Since 2002 GOEBEL has produced  the HPLC and UV/VIS Spectrophotometry product lines from Kontron Bio-Tek. With the expert know-how from Kontron HPLC systems, Uvikon double beam spectrophotometers and in-house development of control and calculation software for chromatography and spectrophotometers, we are increasing our competence as a major European supplier with innovative product introductions and new software developments.

HPLC and spectrophotometer product lines:

Modular Celeno HPLC System

Our modular Celeno HPLC system can be ideally configured to meet your application needs. A full range of solvent delivery systems, combined with conventional or Diodearray UV detectors or other detection systems like Fluorescence, Refractive Index, Amperometric or Conductivity can be automated with the autosampler. Full system control, data acquisition and calculation is performed by our own Chromatography Data System Geminyx.

Lifetime guarantee for precise UV/VIS measurements

The optical design of the Uvikon® UV/VIS Spectrophotometers with only six reflecting elements and fully symmetrical sample and reference beams ensures maximum energy throughput for highest sensitivity even at high background absorbance. The highest quality optical elements, produced by Zeiss™ in Europe, coupled with an optical bench machined with absolute precision, is the foundation for the proverbial long lifetime of a Uvikon® Spectrophotometer. The inhouse developed UVS software combines ease-of-operation with optimum flexibility and complete traceability.

We not only deliver and install the system – we also provide valuable services:

Full system qualification

  • Supporting customers in design qualification
  • Installation qualification (IQ)
  • Operational qualification (OQ)
  • We qualify the software by executing formal tests – ensuring that the system performs correctly after the software installation at customer site. For system performance checks, we are using calibrated standards (e.g. standards according to the European Pharmacopeia)
  • Recommendations for performance qualification (PQ)

Preventive maintenance

Availability of the analysis system as a test tool is a key issue in Quality Control laboratories. In order to minimise down-time, we offer service contracts for preventive maintenance and periodic system re-qualification. During these preventive maintenance actions, we exchange lamps, seals, pistons and other parts in time before the system fails.

Service contracts allow you to keep the maintenance cost under control. With a premium service contract, all your maintenance costs are fully covered – you will know at the beginning of the year the exact total service cost.

Competent field service

In case your system needs service, our team of well trained service engineers equipped with all necessary spare parts guarantees that your system will be repaired quickly and the correct performance is checked at the end of the service action.

Customisation of chromatography and spectrophotometry software

As we have the software development team for both the chromatography data system and the spectrophotometry software in-house, we can listen to your specific needs. If you need a special customisation, we can estimate the required effort, prepare a detailed functional specification as well as the validation plan. In such a case you will know the cost for customisation at the beginning – and you can be sure that you will obtain a fully tested and validated software solution.

Wishes coming from the field are inserted into the wish list. If the requirement sounds generic for several users, we usually include these new functions in the next major release of the software.


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