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TOT Biopharm inaugurates new production facility in China

PBR Staff Writer Published 04 December 2012

TOT Biopharm Company has inaugurated a new 50,000m² factory complex in eastern China's Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou.


The new complex, which is part of $100m complex, is a specialized branch for research, development, production and marketing of anti-cancer drugs globally.

The complex includes an oral anti-cancer drug plant with separate production facilities for both cytotoxics and non-cytotoxics, an injected anti-cancer drug plant and a GMP bio pilot plant with a capacity of 500L cell culture/ purification/ filling.

TOT Biopharm's new factory complex is also expected to develop the bio-pharmaceutical sector set forth in China's 12th Five-Year Development Planning for Strategic Emerging Industries.

The company's core products include Liposomal technology-based specialty drugs, biologics and innovative drugs.

TOT Biopharm is also planning to commence the second-stage construction to expand its production scale for cancer treatments.