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PharmaVigilant unveils new data loading approach

PBR Staff Writer Published 14 December 2012

US based e-clinical provider, PharmaVigilant, has launched I-Batch, a data loading approach, which enables users to import collections of unorganized clinical research files into I-Vault 2.7.

The solution also allows the research files to be automatically uploaded into the correct file, without human intervention.

I-Batch eliminates the manual document sorting and uploading process by uploading files into the system using a upload button.

Uploading documents into traditional eTMF systems needs organizing all the paper documents and a manual search through the electronic system to find where the file exists for each document as well as computer time needs to be scheduled to upload each document into its correct file, one at a time leading to much time consumpion, according to the company.

The application also helps to select every archive of required documents and to create a queue as well as to sequentially process and upload each one, avoiding document collision.

PharmaVigilant president and CEO James DeSanti said data needs to be centralized, in order to conduct remote regulatory inspections.

''I-Batch will be the initial linchpin in moving massive amounts of data into systems, minimizing human intervention, in order to meet this goal," DeSanti added.