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Fire halts drug production at Sandoz Boucherville plant

PBR Staff Writer Published 12 March 2012

The drug production at the Boucherville plant of generic drug producer Sandoz has been halted by a fire, further adding to the drug shortage problem in hospitals in Canada.

According to the company, the fire broke out on 4 March in the ceiling above the boiler room, which forced the company to suspend production of its 235 products, reports

The company expects that the partial production to begin this week, and is working to restore previous levels of production.

About 90% of injectable medicines were supplied from this plant to Canadian emergency and operating rooms.

The US Food and Drug Administration last year discovered serious deficiencies in Sandoz Boucherville plant, following which the company started a major production upgrade in the year end.

The company, however, has not disclosed time when it will resume normal production.