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Asymchem invests in Dunhua manufacturing facility

PBR Staff Writer Published 16 February 2012

Asymchem Laboratories (Tianjin) has launched new large scale manufacturing facility, operating under the name Jilin Asymchem Laboratories, located in Dunhua, PR China.

The $20MM facility will serve to expand Asymchem's capabilities in high volume processing and back-end ingredient and intermediate production.

The new facility will accommodate high volume processes and back-end integration for starting materials or intermediates that will then be further processed in the existing Tianjin and Fuxin Asymchem facilities.

In the first phase of Dunhua manufacturing facility construction, 5000-20,000L vessels for the limited cGMP manufacture of raw materials to intermediates were added.

Phase 2 is expected to get completed in July 2012 and Phase 3 construction by October 2012.

Asymchem CEO Hao Hong said this is the primary path forward in maintaining competitiveness as the global market evens out across the international and domestic Chinese intermediates and API markets.